Lenovo Yoga 720 Full Review

PC makers are trying hard to maintain their quarterly results look great, and it is not simple to high-end market laptops. Premium hybrids or 2-in-1 laptops are still a significant attention, as well as pricey as they could sometimes be, that they do create excellent portable workhorses.

Lenovo has delivered us it’s newest Yoga 720-13IKB hybrid 2-in-1 that’s a part flagship Ultrabook, a part tablet computer. This specific variant sells. 1,10,470 online and can be your highest-end only available in India. It ships with all Lenovo’s Lively Pen that may be employed using all the Windows Ink Workspace from Windows 10, that enables you to sketch and scribble notes naturally.

Lenovo Yoga 720 layout and build quality

The 13.3-inch form variable is accessible across the planet as it is flexible enough for productivity without compromising about portability. Lenovo has done a marvelous job with the plan of this Yoga 720. Its weight is well dispersed all around so that the 1.3pound device is barely some problem to equilibrium. Additionally, it is satisfyingly slender at approximately 14.2mm.

Your body and lid are constructed of aluminum, which makes them quite springy to flex. The metallic backing for your screen offers considerable rigidity, so much so that we had almost no pixel distortion even following forcefully applying pressure to the lid. The matte finish of this body isn’t hard to keep clean because it does not entice smudges or fingerprints readily. As this is a hybrid vehicle, the display folds back a whole 360 degrees if you want to utilize it like a tablet computer. The hinges have high torsion and maintain the lid open securely at almost any angle for if you ‘re going to use this device in Stand or Tent style.

We enjoy the quality of the screen panel utilized in the Yoga 720. Lenovo requires it an ‘AntiGlare’ board. However, the glistening end tends to be somewhat reflective, especially in regions with tons of focused lighting, such as an office. Brightness is excellent but it might have been improved, and we frequently found ourselves bumping this up nearly all manner under indoor lighting.

The bottom of this notebook has a backlit power switch along with also a full-sized USB 3.0 interface on the proper, and even two USB Type-C interfaces, a headset/ mic combo socket plus a recessed button to Lenovo’s OneKey Recovery platform on the rear side. The very first USB Type-C interface is a conventional USB 3.0 interface which may be used for charging the notebook or information transfers, whereas the second one is a Thunderbolt 3 interface. Therefore it may be used for charging, to get much faster data transfers and audio output signal working with a DisplayPort-compatible monitor. The Yoga 720 could be billed using a power bank also, which is an extremely convenient feature to have but will not be as fast as using the toaster charger. What is missing here, is the SD card reader.

We’ve got a chiclet-style computer keyboard with two strength levels for your backlight. The keys are all equally bathed in a white glow that isn’t distracting from the dark. Also, we enjoy the spacing of these keys, along with their travel is fantastic for typing. The essential direction cluster might have been much better because the Up/Down keys are a lot more compact compared to Left/Right keys and therefore are glued together. The palm rest place has excellent spacing regardless of the thin body, using an equally big trackpad. Also, we carry a fingerprint detector in the right.

The speakers have been put on the base of the notebook, along with vents for air consumption. The exhaust vents are all hidden between both hinges. In notebook mode, the exhaust vents are not a problem, but in tablet-style, there is no escaping the hot air being expelled.

From the box, you obtain a 45W charger, any instruction, along with the Lively Pen. digitizer-based pen and requires one AAAA battery. We’d have preferred a built-in rechargeable battery life. The enclosure includes additional strategies and also a plastic holder that fits right into a USB interface so that you’re able to keep it connected to the Yoga 720.

Lenovo Yoga 720 specifications and software

It includes Lenovo Companion, which permits you to assess driver and program upgrades and Lenovo Settings, which makes it possible to handle battery profiles, sound settings, and screen preferences. Lenovo App Explorer provides you a curated list of all Windows Store programs.

As a notebook, the Yoga 720 functions as a charm. Booting is so fast as a result of this PCIe SSD, and programs are fast to load. Throughout our testing, we utilized the notebook as our primary job machine for a couple of days and were not disappointed with its performance. The maximum brightness level of the screen did pose a small problem at times, but apart from that, we did not have a lot to whine about. The notebook does not heat up in case you are doing something exceptionally intensive, in the event the foundation gets somewhat hot. The exhaust fan can be perceptible when gambling, but it is not excessively loud.

Lenovo Yoga 720 performance and battery life

The display’s capacitive touch response is quite good, but the first highlight here is your Lively Pen. It is built well and mild enough for comfortable usage. You can put the pen over menus and icons, which reproduces a mouse cursor movement. The pen can also be pressure sensitive, which may be set to high use in drawing programs like SketchBook. Latency is low, but performance also depends upon how well the program is optimized. For example, there was a noticeable lag when drawing in Paint 3D, however, in applications such as SketchBook, the results were far similar to bringing using a real pen in the paper. You can even purchase more innovative programs like Photoshop Elements or Express in your Windows Store for severe sketching.

From here, it is possible to open Sticky Notes to write down fast memos, Sketchpad for Indices, and Screen Sketch, that requires a screenshot of whatever you are doing and allows you add examples or notes before saving or sharing it. This workspace also reveals you recently opened programs and suggests additional pet-friendly programs.

There is no way to customise this workspace by merely adding more programs or perhaps replacing the default ones. The Settings menu for Windows Ink enables you to select if you’re left- or right-handed. However other shortcuts appear to desire a Bluetooth-enabled stylus such as the Surface Pen. You will also discover alternatives for text input from the Edge browser along with Windows photo viewer, to making rapid notes.

Coming to the notebook’s performance, the dozens we have in benchmarks were more or less on par with people of different laptops we’ve tested on this CPU. Graphics performance is not high enough for proper gambling however casual games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne in the Windows Store run just fine. The notebook works pretty well as a tablet also, so long as you’ve got a surface to put it on. Single-handed use becomes fatiguing very quickly, as, let us face it, it is not an iPad.

The Yoga 720 does nicely with multimedia material. The sharp and vibrant display is perfect for watching films on, and the sound isn’t too shabby either. JBL has designed the speakers, and we’ve got Dolby Audio Premium software enhancement functioning alongside. On account of their positioning, it’s simple to scatter them together with the device put on your lap. However, they do get decently loud otherwise. Bass response is much non-existent however the highs are not shrill, and vocals are adequate. The software will figure out how to mimic a broad soundstage, making the sound appear fuller. The HD webcam additionally provides excellent quality and graphics were not overly noisy even under dim lighting.

Lenovo maintains around ten hours of battery life however that was probably achieved in an extremely controlled environment. Together with our routine usage, which primarily included browser-based work (with tons of opened tabs) and audio streaming on Wi-Fi, we managed to moderate approximately 6-7 hours of use. To get a 4-cell battery within this form factor, we’d say that is not overly bad.


The Yoga 720-13IKB proves to be an incredibly high Windows 10 hybrid notebook, also justifies its high price. If you get it via Lenovo’s official online shop, then it’s possible to conserve Rs. The single version of this Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 which we can discover as of today is that the 9365 model, that will be priced in the Rs. 1,35,990 and ships had an energetic pen. It’s a higher resolution (1800×3200) screen and includes a lower voltage Core i7-7Y75 CPU, so it would not require active cooling system.

HP includes a similar way also with all the Spectre x360 13-ac059tu, that is almost identical concerning specifications (except for its 16GB of RAM) into the Yoga 720 but costs far more at Rs. 1,57,419. Additionally, there does not appear to be some mention of a bundled stylus.

Overall, there is not much to mistake that the Yoga 720 on because it provides quite an excellent build quality, a sharp screen and great Windows and program performance. Battery life is adequate, so long as your use is frugal. Besides, it functions nicely as a tablet as well as the bundled busy pen puts the camera to better use.

If you are on the market to get a competent hybrid notebook and possess a flexible budget, we then recommend donating the Yoga 720 some significant thought.

Price : Rs. 1,10,470


  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Bundled active pen is useful
  • Good CPU and SSD performance
  • Vivid and responsive touch display
  • Good value for money


  • Too heavy for handheld use
  • Direction keys feel cramped
  • No SD card reader

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Design: 4.5
  • Display: 4
  • Performance: 4.5
  • Software: 4
  • Value for Money: 4
  • Overall: 4.5

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