HP Spectre x360 13-inch Full Review

When I inform people, they ought to purchase a 2-in-1, systems such as the HP Spectre x360 would be the reason why. It has got all of the utility of a standard notebook, together with the flexibility and romantic usability of a tablet computer. Also you acquire rakish good looks, as much as an Intel Core i7 CPU, and just a 4K screen with stylus support if you would like it. With a starting price of only $1,050 ($1,300 as examined), the Spectre offers a very superior and adaptable method for a remarkably agreeable price.


And by shaving extra metal off from virtually every facet of this machine, HP also produced the x360 among the very portable 2-in-1s available. This spring, the Spectre x360 becomes even better looking, due to another copper and black paint job (that HP inexplicably calls Ash Silver).

If the hard borders on its own all-aluminum body were any sharper, they would cut you, along with the bright sides give a fantastic highlight accent into the Spectre x360’s significant swaths of the sleek brushed alloy. In other words, that the Spectre x360 is among the beautiful notebooks available on the current market, 2-in-1 or differently.

But if I had to nitpick, I would say I want the Spectre x360’s hinge had been somewhat stiffer. After the machine is sitting on a table in notebook mode or propped up in tent manner, it is beautiful. But if you decide on the 2-in-1 up and walk around, these little bounces sometimes cause the display to shift from its first position slowly.

Lenovo’s Yoga 900S includes a more significant, 12.5-inch display, however at 12.75 x 8.86 x 0.59 inches and 2.8 pounds; it is still marginally more extensive than the Spectre x360.


I can not wait for if we could finally ditch the boxy, USB ports of older for the slender, multipurpose USB Type-C vents of their future. But before that happens, we are going to want both varieties to prevent carrying bothersome dongles around. Thankfully, that the Spectre obliges, using a single USB 3.1 Type- A vent and 2 USB-C interfaces that support Thunderbolt 3 and power delivery. Meaning if you’ve got the perfect pier or track, you may use one cord to transmit data and video and recharge the machine, instead relying upon the bird’s nest of cables you would need on mature systems.

The one feature I sort of wish HP had not removed from previous versions is some SD or microSD card slot. For me, the Spectre x360 is an almost perfect portable photo-editing and presentation platform. Nonetheless, to transfer photos from my camera into the laptop, I would want to take an external card reader or USB cable.


With a fresh, shiny, 13.3-inch, full-HD screen with super thin side bezels, the Spectre’s display is a superb complement to the 2-in-1’s magnificent design. It is bright and vibrant, and once I saw the newest trailer for Rogue One, the Spectre x360 appeared as red and green blaster bolts flew around the screen.

The Spectre’s color range was also reasonably right, since the panel insured 101.7 percent of this sRGB spectrum. That beat out amounts from both the Yoga 900 and 900S, even though the revealing did not quite match the twist 9’s wealthier 135 percent.

Both the twist 9 and Yoga 900’s precision scores were worse, at 3.43 and 2.8. On the other hand, the Yoga 900S was indeed a bit more exact, using a score of 0.64.


If you elect for a Spectre x360 using 4K screen, in addition to the more significant resolution, then you get even higher color range which covers 131.5 percent of this sRGB spectrum, while brightness and precision remain almost the same in 305 nits and 1.53, respectively. When you put this all together, once I watched the trailer for Justice League, watching the glinting Batarang fly in slow-mo to the Flash in 4K is entirely forgettable.


You may select either a Core i5 chip or even a Core i7 chip such as the one 2.7-GHz Core i7-7500U, 16GB of RAM along with 512GB PCIe SSD-equipped inspection device.

With this type of installation, the Spectre x360 flies. The semi-automatic notched a Geekbench 3 rating of 7,933, meaning overall performance rose by 16 percent more than last year’s model. This means the Spectre x360 shirts most of its competitors, such as the Samsung Notebook 9 twist (6,948), the Lenovo Yoga 900 (6,264) along with also the Yoga 900S (5,343).

The Spectre’s PCIe SSD can be blazing fast. That is quicker than nearly all of the device’s competitors, for example, twist 9 (173 MBps) and Yoga 900 (181 MBps). It is also on a par with much more expensive hybrids like Microsoft’s Surface Novel (318 MBps).

For people who bite a lot of numbers, the Spectre x360’s time on the recorder evaluation is awe-inspiring. After we used OpenOffice to form 20,000 titles and addresses, the Spectre x360 (3:33) ended 30 seconds quicker than its nearest rival, the Samsung spin 9 (4:05).

The Spectre x360’s images performance has seen a sizeable increase. Its score of 920 on 3DMark’s Firestrike grade is 14 percent greater than the revealing by previous year’s model. This offers the Spectre enough horsepower to achieve a very playable 40 frames per second at 1920 x 1080 and Moderate settings in Dirt 3 Total Edition. However, using an Intel HD Graphics 620 incorporated graphics card instead of different GPU, the Spectre is not intended for fulltime gambling.


Having a talented quad-speaker installment by Bang & Olufsen, the Spectre x360 is constructed to provide the best listening experience in almost any manner. Two speakers are concealed under the grille between the keyboard and the hinge, whereas another two are located on both sides of the machine’s underside. This provides you more slender, more immersive sound, with a reasonably potent quantity that quickly fills a room up. And, unlike with plenty of different notebooks, I did not hear any hissing or distortion at maximum volume.

Computer Keyboard and touchpad

HP says it’s put a great deal of work into finely tuning not only the amount of force required to pinch a key but also the level of pressure you make it through the whole stroke. This effort paid off because, despite all the keyboard’s 60-gram actuation weight along with a 1.3millimeter keystroke that will feel brief and abrupt on a different system, typing on the Spectre feels close perfect. This type of attention to detail leaves one with an excellent, clicky key-press that imitates precisely the same sense that people love in mechanical keyboards. Adding an extra row to the Play, Home, Page Up, Page Down and End on the right would be a nice touch also.

Optional Stylus Support

The Spectre’s 4.7 x 2.3-inch touchpad can also be something a beauty. Its superwide shape provides you with a whole lot of space to mouse around, although there are not different left or right mouse buttons, the machine never confounded different types of clicks.

If you elect for the top-notch Spectre x360 using the 4K screen, your system also includes stylus support and HP’s new busy pen included. Together with the pen, you receive a complete Windows Ink experience precisely as you would on a Microsoft Surface. HP’s stylus provides multiple switches and 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

As soon as I fired up OneNote, drawing and sketching felt as natural and pen-like since it will lead to a Microsoft Surface Guru 4. But, unlike the Surface Pen, HP’s stylus lacks a third programmable button plus a built-in in magnetic resting location for storage. You will only need to be sure that you keep the pen in a pocket or your luggage.

Battery Life

By cramming at a more significant, 57.8-watt-hour battery, HP has significantly improved the Spectre x360’s endurance.

In reality, the Spectre x360’s time is much longer than that of their very recent MacBook, which continued 9:36, which laptop does not have a touchscreen.


But if you are thinking about updating to the model together with the 4K screen, see. That is because we discovered that the x360’s high-resolution display could put a significant damper on battery life. The 4K model we checked out (using an Intel Core i7 CPU) lasted only 5 hours and 54 minutes on our battery life test.

Though the Spectre x360’s side bezels have shrunk down to nearly nothing, HP smartly left a little space above the screen for two cameras: a 1920 x 1080 camera to get videos along with a slick IR camera for unlocking the machine through Windows hello. There is also a set of mics for stereo voice recording.

This positioning prevents that embarrassing under-chin/neck view which you just get on systems such as the XPS 13 which possess their webcams below the display, and the dual mics along with full-HD camera work together correctly to supply a superior video-chatting experience. The audio was crystal-clear, and while I could use a little less grain, pictures and movies looked reasonably sharp, too.


Among those little drawbacks of the Spectre’s superthin chassis is it’s own heating administration. After streaming HD movie for a quarter hour, the air compressor on the left side of this machine reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit. While that is greater than our regular 95-degree comfort brink, the computer keyboard and touchpad remained relatively cool to the touch, at 84.5 and 90.5 degrees, respectively.

Configurations and Availability

Earnings of this Spectre x360 is going to be split across Best Buy and HP itself probably. The baseline $1,050 model that includes a Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM plus a 256GB SSD will soon be available straight from HP.

If you would like to customize your specs even farther with parts such as a 1TB SSD, then you ought to go to HP.com.

Bottom Line

Using its top-tier performance, beautiful layout, 10-hour battery life and convertible versatility, the Spectre x360 is not only the best 2-in-1 now available; it may be the best notebook HP has ever produced. Yes, even the hinge might be stiffer, and that I wish HP had not awakened the SD card slot, but overall, the x360 is the convertible notebook to conquer.

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