Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2017) Review

There isn’t a whole lot new about the most recent 15-inch MacBook Pro ($2,799 as assessed, $2,399 to begin), though it is possible to argue that there does not have to be. Apple’s laptop for power users nevertheless packs a stunning 15-inch Retina screen, and advanced Touch Bar controls to an impossibly slender design. Moreover, thanks to Intel’s newest Kaby Lake chips, the MacBook Pro is becoming much quicker.

However, while the newest MacBook Pro keeps precisely what makes Apple’s professional laptop great, also, it keeps the notebook’s few flaws. The Guru’s limited port collection makes it tough to get work done without an assortment of dongles, and it still does not feel as the Touch Bar has very reached its full capacity yet. However, if you are looking for the fastest, most feature-rich MacBook on the market, this is it.

Stunning Design, Stunted Ports

Apple’s highest-end notebook looks more like a MacBook Air nowadays, using stunningly slim edges which measure at only 0.61 inches. That puts it directly on a level with the Dell XPS 15 and Microsoft’s new Surface Notebook (equally 0.6 inches), and it is notably slimmer compared to Razer Blade Guru (0.88 inches).

The MacBook Pro’s glossy aluminum chassis is travel-friendly at 4 pounds but still feels sturdy and large enough to provide you with a feeling that it is built for extreme work. I genuinely dig the Space Gray color our unit arrived in, even though there’s also a nice-looking Silver option for people who prefer lighter colors.

On the other hand, the MacBook Pro’s utter slimness comes at the price of some advantage. The laptop’s port collection is composed entirely of four USB-C relations (in addition to a headset jack), which future-proofs it to the most recent accessories but makes with just about anything else pain.

Want to plug into your iPhone charger or some other traditional USB cable? You are going to want a 9 USB-C to USB adapter. Wish to copy some files to an SD card? The Guru’s hidden costs add up quickly, especially for power users that will require access to all types of storage drives, screens, and Ethernet cables.

Touch Bar

While I still would not predict the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar crucial, it will take lots of neat tips — and can be only a whole lot of fun to use. Shifting the traditional row of function keys, the Touch Bar is a LED strip whose controllers will tack onto the fly based on whatever program you are using.

I received the most use from this Touch Bar while switching through Safari tabs — it was very nice to find a visual preview of every page that I had open. I also appreciated the way the pub would offer autofill options whenever that I had been studying, and how simple it had been to fast-forward and rewind a movie by merely slipping my finger. Creative users might find much use from their Touch Bar whenever they mastered it; for instance, you can adjust the volume settings of person GarageBand tools with a couple of taps, or immediately split up clips into iMovie with no touchpad.

However, I do not find the Touch Bar getting a genuine game-changer before a lot more third-party programs add supports for this. It now works with programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Office, but I would love being able to use it using non-Apple browsers like Chrome — or even to find little extra controller options within my beloved Steam games.


On-screen text looked laborious and thick, and also the snowy Sierra mountains at the laptop’s default background was startlingly true-to-life.

The laptop made an excellent showpiece for the hottest Wonder Woman trailer. Every shot burst with color, in the flowery fields that a young Diana Prince rode her horse through to the fiery battlefronts that she beat up poor guys in as a grownup.

The MacBook Pro’s remarkable color performance was backed up by our lab tests, where the laptop replicated an astonishing 126.4 percent of the sRGB color gamut using a Delta E precision rating of 0.2 (nearer to 0 is greater). That makes it both more vibrant and accurate compared to HP Spectre x360 (113, 3.47), but maybe not quite as lively as the Dell XPS 15 (188, 1.4).


The MacBook Pro’s speakers are impressively flourishing, offering gratifying bass and crunchy treble. The ominous guitars and rollicking dual bass guitars of this Doom soundtrack sounded extra punchy on Apple’s laptop. As soon as I made a whole 180 into the glowing pop vibes of Paramore’s “Rose Colored Boy,” I had been treated to bouncy bass, enthusiastic guitars, and exceptionally smooth vocals.

Computer Keyboard and Touchpad

The Apple MacBook keyboard continues to blow my mind by offering apparently shallow keys that sense much better than any I have used on a laptop. Whether I had been cramming away in a Google Doc or shooting off a fast email, everything felt wonderfully excruciating and comfortable. Despite short travel of 0.81 millimeters, the secrets made it simple for me to float through the vital Hero Typing Test at 98 wpm with near-perfect precision and no finger strain.

I still have difficulty thinking that the notebook’s Force Touch trackpad does not have any real click button because the haptic feedback it supplies is always incredibly satisfying. The trackpad’s pressure-sensitive works, for example, hard-pressing on a site to preview it, all felt instinctive. Though the touchpad is comically enormous at 6.1 x 3.8 inches, then it left me lots of space for comfortably navigating web pages and performing gesture-based shortcuts.

Performance and Graphics: Now with Kaby Lake

I already knew the MacBook Pro could be a multitasking monster — the laptop chewed through my heavy routine of running a one dozen Chrome tabs along with five Twitch flows while downloading a program and streaming audio. However, just how much of a bulge does this gain from its brand new Kaby Lake collection Core i7 CPU?

A reasonably strong one, it ends up.

The MacBook Pro’s 512GB SSD replicated about 5GB of files in only 7.6 seconds, to get a blazing transfer speed of 653.9 MBps.

Packing discrete Radeon 560 images, the MacBook Pro is well-equipped for graphics-intensive jobs in addition to some light gaming.


The new Apple MacBook Pro ships with the same macOS Sierra software that first launched this past year, which means that you may look forward to speaking to Siri, making Apple Pay payments together with your mic, and utilizing your iPhone to unlock your notebook. The Mac experience will soon get even better using macOS High Sierra, that will offer a safer and quicker Safari, smoother overall performance and support for both virtual-reality software. It is possible to test out the public beta today, or await the entire item this fall.


The Apple MacBook Pro’s 720p FaceTime camera is as strong as ever, although it feels like time for Apple to create an update. The shot did an excellent job correctly capturing my blue face and skin tone, but there was a reasonably visible pixelation within my selfies — even beneath adequate lighting within our lab.

WIth that the 15-inch MacBook Pro’s impressive endurance, so it is possible to leave your charger in your home. The notebook lasted a whole 10 hours and 59 minutes to the LAPTOP Battery Test, which entails constant surfing over Wi-Fi.


The MacBook Pro’s low performance includes a caveat: it could find a little hot. After 15 minutes of streaming HD movie, the laptop’s touchpad climbed into some manageable 81 degrees. On the other hand, the computer keyboard got too hot because of our 95-degree relaxation threshold at 96.5 degrees, along with the notebook’s bottom came dangerously close at 94 degrees.Much like the $2,399 model, it is possible to shell out for much more storage or a faster CPU clock.

Bottom Line

If you have been on the front about getting a MacBook Pro, now is a much better time than ever to receive one. Apple’s highest-end laptop crams much power to a wonderfully slender design, and its 15-inch Retina screen is a beautifully brilliant picture of getting work done or just kicking back with photos. While not essential, the Touch Bar opens up a whole lot of excellent management options which produce the Mac even more intuitive and enjoyable to use.

The hottest MacBook Pro provides a small performance bulge with its Kaby Lake CPUs, but it is not a radical enough change to justify an update from anybody who possesses final season’s model. There are tons of excellent Windows alternatives out there — that the Dell XPS 15 packs a 4K touch display for hundreds of bucks, while Microsoft’s Surface Novel ($1,499 beginning) offers a detachable screen that is good for note-taking and drawing. Nevertheless, for creative professionals and power users who favor macOS, Apple’s most powerful MacBook Pro is difficult to top.

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