Acer Predator Helios 300: Full Review and Benchmarks

The gambling PC section is always a fascinating location, be it onto the desktop computer or notebook side, together with OEMs always clean their offerings to continue to keep customers interested. Actually, gambling is just one of the very few bright spots from the PC marketplace, that was in decline for some time, but looks like now faring a little better.

Acer added several brand new models into the Predator gaming lineup that this April, since the business hopes to combine its own portfolio and concentrate mostly on gaming and VR. It took some time for Acer to deliver its new gambling models to India, however, the Predator Helios 300 is finally here and now we are going to be analyzing it. With prices beginning at Rs. 1,29,999, let us see how it rains.

Acer Predator Helios 300 layout and build quality

The plan of this Helios 300 is very similar to that of Acer’s past Predator models, among which individuals tested over one year before, but with a few new design hints and a lower weight. The body remains made largely of plastic but Acer has supply a metallic reinforcements such as your lid and keyboard region. The plan is competitive like previously, using supercar-like exhaust vents round the back and reflective specifics about the lid. On the other hand, the Predator emblem is not backlit. The foundation is constructed from plastic, and you will find big vents on the floor.

We discovered a little degree of flex using the lid, however, the metallic plate ensures that it does not influence the the screen since there’s no observable pixel protection once you use pressure. There is just one, long hinge, so running round the length of the notebook that retains the display set up. The 15.6-inch panel includes a surface that is verging, and that can be great once you’re sitting beneath artificial lighting. It’s a 1920×1080-pixel resolution so graphics are sharp. Colours are also great, this having the IPS panel. On the other hand, the brightness does not become large enough to us. We discovered ourselves maxing out that the brightness level the majority of the moment, and it was still only about decent.

The keyboard place feels vey hardy, once again, as a result of using an aluminum plate. There is no flex when studying and there is a lot of space even for big palms. The trackpad is rather large too, with easy monitoring and clicky buttons. The keys are decently spaced but are not very comfortable for registering. Acer has made area for a few pad however in doing this, it jeopardized about the spacing to the direction keys in addition to the ideal Shift and Enter keys. During routine scanning, we frequently found ourselves fumbling and hitting the wrong keys.

The Helios 300 includes two LEDs to the best, to demonstrate the charging and power standing. Like every enthusiast PC worth its salt, then the Helios 300 includes two quick-release hatches at the floor allowing you to get into the RAM and hard disk. But there is no way to reach the SSD without opening up the whole base.

Acer Predator Helios 300 specifications and features

Acer India has advised us that the Helios 300 will not be receiving the newest CPUs anytime soon. Other specifications include one 8GB pole of DDR4 RAM, a 128GB M.two SSD in SKHynix, along with also a 1TB 5400rpm hard disk from Western Digital.

The different GPU includes 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and supports Optimus technologies, so it transforms itself off if not required.

The notebook also offers Acer’s PredatorSense software, which permits you to control the fan speed for your CPU and GPU, and also click on Acer’s CoolBoost feature which raises the highest fan speed through heavy usage. The lovers employed here are custom-designed using alloy blades for greater airflow. The program also shows you a chart of the temperature and burden of both the CPU and GPU. You may overclock the GPU with two presets. This only works once the power adapter is plugged in and the notebook’s battery level is still above 40 percent.
The default clock speed of this GTX 1050 Ti in total load is 1708MHz, that lumps to 1746MHz if you opt for the ‘Quicker’ setting.

Acer Predator Helios 300 performance and battery life

The notebook doesn’t have any trouble running routine Windows 10 programs and boot up times are fairly fast, due to this SSD. The notebook runs quietly when you are browsing the net or operating on Office files as the onboard GPU can be used for the majority of these jobs. But, fire up any program that taxes the CPU or GPU overly much, and also the enthusiasts become readily perceptible. During gambling, the lovers have been working tirelessly to keep temperatures down, also it sounds like a jet becoming ready to get off. The foundation receives somewhat hot, close to the intake vents and you may feel a little the warmth via on the left part of the computer keyboard. The keyboard keys have adequate travel for gambling.

The Helios 300 remains a heavy notebook despite the fact that it has shed a great deal of weight in contrast to elderly Predator models. It isn’t the simplest to continue and can be best used on a desk. Concerning performance, Intel’s final gen flagship CPU remains a good performer. Back in PCMark 8, now we have dozens of 3720, 4558 and also 3342 for your Home, Creative and Work evaluation suites respectively. In other artificial tests like 3DMark, we have 6734 points at the Fire Strike test along with a rating of 18,796 points at the Sky Diver evaluation.

Considering that the SSD is not big enough for large names, you are going to need to use the 1TB drive for setup. We tested all matches in the screen’s native resolution of 1080p, using varying degrees of eye-candy, depending upon the match. In Rise of this Tomb Raider’s built in reference, we averaged about 55fps in the High Definition using DX12. Bumping the quality as much as the exact High Definition dropped the ordinary frame rate to 41fps, that is readily playable. Actual gameplay was largely easy however we encountered intermittent collapses, in which the match could have stuck for a second and then restart at Very High, but that went away after utilizing the High Definition.

Metro: Last moderate Redux is a dangerous sport, and averaged approximately 10fps with all the quality preset at High and other settings like Motion Blur and Tessellation place to usual. Regrettably, Doom denied to run properly as flaws in the weapons and environment did not load, even despite multiple efforts.
The forever gorgeous-looking FarCry 4 has been no problem whatsoever for its Helios 300, actually utilizing the exact High Definition. We managed to ordinary 59fps, that is quite excellent. Last but not the least, we attempted the overclocking settings. In artificial tests like 3DMark, we found at improvement of about six percent, whereas through actual gameplay, including in the instance of growth of this Tomb Raider, we noticed that a boost of 12 percent in framerates. Even though this will differ from game to game, it is nice to know that you could squeeze a little bit more performance from the GPU if required.

Audio in the stereo speakers can also be great, and sound may be further improved using the Dolby Audio Premium software. The speakers are loud along with the sonic touch is fine. The HD webcam does not produce quite noisy pictures under artificial lighting when indoors, that can be great.

We managed to receive a normal runtime of about 4 hours using all the 4-cell battery, even when we employed the Helios 300 chiefly for Internet surfing. Battery Eater Pro conducted consistently for 1 hour 23 minutes, utilizing the integrated images. This notebook will not last an whole workday on one charge, which means you will have to have the charger with you.


89,990, when compared with the launch price of Rs. 1,29,999. Bear in mind that this is not a official price decrease from Acer, just Flipkart’s pricing. 1,35,550 (and GST).

The nearest competition into the model we’ve examined would be Dell’s Inspiron 15 7567, that stocks a similar configuration but surpasses the SSD in the price. The Lenovo Legion Y520 (Overview) can be available in a version that comes really near the Helios 300 with regard to specifications and price however, sports a normal GTX 1050, and that means you receive somewhat less images horsepower. In the end, there is HP’s Omen lineup of notebooks, that will cost you over Rs.

Yet again, Acer hsa managed to offer a fantastic set of specifications in a competitive price (going from the internet price). If we can improve anything, then we would request much less noisy exhaust fans, since these items are a dead giveaway that you are slipping in a fast form of Doom in your office. The brightness level of the screen might have been improved also and we did not really enjoy the keyboard design to get serious typing.

Price (MRP): Rs. 1,29,999


  • Dramatic design
  • Performs well in matches
  • Upgradable parts
  • Overclockable GPU
  • Competitive street price


  • Exhaust lovers capture noisy
  • Display is not always smart enough
  • Keyboard design would be better

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Design: 3.5
  • Display: 3.5
  • Performance: 4
  • Software: 4
  • Value for Money: 4.5
  • Overall: 4

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